Friday, March 24, 2017
Elite Partner Group
P.O. Box 1324
Pacific Palisades, CA 90272

Dear Mrs Lewis,
It is with deep regret that we write you this open letter informing you of our immediate resignation from Jeunesse Global. We joined you company with assurances from you personally that Jeunesse Globals’s main objective was to spread quality products to end customers rather than simply recruiting other distributors into the company. After two years of hard work and devotion, we have come to the realization that our faith in Jeunesse Global was misplaced. We now understand that the main focus of the company’s rewards plan is not on customers nor products but rather on the continuous recruiting of new distributors. This is why we now understand that there is no place for customer gatherers like ourselves inside of Jeunesse Global.

We chose Jeunesse Global based on our intention of building a worldwide retail business utilizing our expertise in e-marketing and retailing. We understood that Jeunesse Global was a network marketing company and building a sales organization was part of the compensation plan. After quickly building a global sales team, the issues started to surface. Our UK and South Africa teams were encouraged to enroll distributors into the company but were unable to retail Jeunesse products. Additionally, our sales teams went months without getting paid for their efforts. The company focus, as evidenced by the rapid expansion and recruiting-based promotions, was purely on enrolling new distributors with little interest on servicing or retaining customers.

In late 2015 the cracks in the company’s infrastructure were becoming critical. Because our team’s internal business and IT foundation, we knew that in order to stay afloat, we needed to supplement the company’s customer experience perspective with our own. We quickly setup ur own infrastructure, including a customer support line and customer service website. Our phones were ringing nonstop with customer complaints from people that were not even our customers. Similarly, our customer support emails were flooded with complaints. The calls and emails were the direct result of Jeunesse Global’s lack of customer support infrastructure to handle the rapid growth they were experiencing. Our customer service lines were indicating to us that customers were being left behind and the resulting 1-month customer retention rate forced us to devise new strategies to attract and retain customers.

Our customer service initiatives helped turn our business around. Additionally, we developed our internal Elite Partner Group CRM system, that allowed us to monitor customer conversion rates across the business. Again we noticed something odd – The company-mandated e-commerce system was only closing an average of 40-50% of the customer we referred. After extensive research we discovered that the company system would go offline for days during which none of our referrals were being serviced. There were no communication to us by the company during these outages. We spend roughly
$10,000 per month on marketing and a 40% conversion rate, on customers ready to place an order, is unacceptable. When we contacted the company we were provided a direct line to the CTO to whom we since have brought up a handful of reoccurring issues on several distinct occasions. We became independent distributors of Jeunesse in order to utilize the company’s infrastructure and a failing order processing system was not what we bargained for.

Jeunesse Global’s distributor agreement along with the policies and procedures highlight the terms in which Independent Distributors can distribute the company products in return for commissions in accordance to the company’s compensation plan. Generally speaking, distributors sell products to customers and earn a commission. Recently, the company has introduced retail promotions where distributors are penalized for retailing Jeunesse
products. To reiterate, Elite Partner Group spends marketing money in order to generate documented retail sales on which it earns a commission. With the new company promotions, it is becoming increasingly difficult to even break even on customers sales much less earn a profit.

During 2016 Jeunesse Global generated revenue in excess of $1 billion dollars. During the same period the documented customer retail sales of Elite Partner Group was $211,000. In recognition of us being the number one retail sales organization in the company, Jeunesse Global recognized us with the 2016 Top Retail Sales Award award. We were initially flattered by the award until we realized that we had achieved this honor based on average monthly documented customer retail sales of $17,500. In comparison to the Jeunesse Global’s average monthly revenue of $80 million, our contribution is minimal. This realization, along with the items highlighted above, made us step back and reevaluate our association with Jeunesse Global. We came to the conclusion that our association with Jeunesse Global is not ethically or economically beneficial. We urge you as the CEO of the company to review your company’s business practices.

Sincerely yours,
Elite Partner Group – EPG 975144, ELITE2 1875439, ELITE3 1875440 & ELITE11 1947801